Our Vision

On xdeck, we provide new fuel for entrepreneurship. We work with founders to create lasting businesses. We work with universities to foster positive innovation. And we will work with school kids to educate them about entrepreneurship and tackling the challenges of tomorrow. We want to make a difference.


We want to create impact and enable other founders to grow their own successful ventures. And thereby build a better tomorrow. This is what we pursue with our accelerator program.


We want to contribute to the community and educate kids and teenagers about the economy and entrepreneurship. We believe that in Germany and Europe, it is key to our future to develop entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can help us cope with the challenges of tomorrow. This is why we want to go to schools.


We want to give everybody supporting xdeck - especially our partners, their people and our team players at FOND OF - the opportunity of engaging with startups, of being inspired by entrepreneurs, of committing their time and ideas in working with founders and young people.


We are not driven by investment rationales. We do not take equity from founders in our accelerator program. We will not make profits from xdeck. It is possible that FOND OF's founders Flo, Oli, Sven later invest in a selected startup from xdeck, but this is not obligatory. We believe in the impact for the community and in a positive impact for all partners making xdeck possible.